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Bercum Builders has been serving Vernon, Kelowna and the rest of North and Central Okanagan with new custom home construction and renovation services for nearly 30 years. We are the premiere homebuilder in the Okanagan, and we pride ourselves in high quality craftsmanship and a discreet, personalized service. We provide dedicated construction services, management and support from the moment the property is purchased, right through to completion.

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  • High quality home renovations.

    As families look for greater value from their home, and the perfect piece of undeveloped land becomes harder and harder to find, more of us are considering renovations to existing homes. Whether you hope to modernise a property that you love, improve a house that has been your family home for years, or update the energy efficiency of an existing building, choosing the right contractor for your renovation is a critical decision. Here are six […]

  • Okanagan Net Zero Home. It will Love You Back!

    A Net Zero home is a simple concept – a house that, through the course of a year, will generate as much energy as it uses. But achieving net zero energy requires attention to detail in design and construction beyond what most builders do! Choosing net zero for your Okanagan home could be the best choice for you, your family, and the environment. […]

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