Ski Chalet Renovation

Ski Chalet Renovation: Silver Star Mountain Resort

Ski Chalet Renovation

Last winter we were called to a ski chalet renovation at Silver Star Mountain Resort for a long-time friend of Bercum Builders. A bit more rustic than our usual fare but one of our lead carpenters was excited to take the project on.

Locally milled, flat sawn Hemlock flooring was the ideal choice to complete the Silver Star Mountain ski chalet renovation. Hardwood floors often come prefinished. Softwood like this Hemlock flooring hardly ever do, and that was a good thing. It gave the opportunity to finish the wood precisely as the homeowner liked.

Yup! There’s Homework Involved

Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation or seeking to update a room or two – it’s always about the homework. It used to be that people would check the phone book.  Or ask a friend.  And then start cold-calling companies in the area. Fortunately, that’s not the way we do things anymore. With the push of a button, the Internet can provide massive amounts of info – 24 hours a day. And remember… it’s never the wrong time of the year to consider renovations for your home or vacation hideaway. But planning ahead is key to getting your contractor of choice. So it’s never to early to start doing your research. And in the meantime, give us a call – we love to be considered. Read more about the project details on our blog page – please use this link

Project Partner: Okanagan Hardwood Flooring Company

Photo Credits: Prime Light Media 


Locally Milled, Flat Sawn Hemlock Flooring

Stone Fireplace
The ideal choice for this rustic Silver Star Mountain ski chalet.

Keeping it real… natural wood finishes

interior natural wood finishes
Softwood like this Hemlock flooring hardly ever comes prefinished - giving an opportunity to finish the wood exactly as you’d like.

Kitchen needed a refresh too!

Pre-manufactured kitchen cabinets
Premanufactured cabinets can give quick options

Perfect Partners: Stone and wood design elements

Stone and wood interior design
Stone and wood being natural products provide a lovely contrast and compliment each other well.

Rustic doesn't mean roughing it

Cedarwood Sauna
Cedarwood resists staining, discolouration and it emits a subtle forest scent.

A top choice hardwood floor finish

Bona Traffic hardwood floor finish
Bona Traffic - for a floor that may meet a ski boot from time to time.

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