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Okanagan Outdoor Dining: A space to dine for

Outdoor Dining

If you live in the Okanagan, an outdoor dining area is a must-have. A well-designed outdoor living space gives you the ability to enjoy it regardless of the season’s unpredictable or extreme weather. Multiple chaise lounges, rockers, and recliners are a great addition too. Extra chairs can create more places to lounge or visit and quickly increase your dinner seating when pulled up to the table.  Add a heat source and your guests may never leave… With the right design and finishing choices, the transition from indoor to outdoor can be seamless. A Bercum Builder home is a one-of-a-kind. Built to reflect your life, ideals and to maximise the Okanagan lifestyle. It invites easy living, provides privacy and space for entertaining, retreat, and space to unwind from a busy day – indoor and out! 

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Dinner and a View

Outdoor Living Space Kelowna BC
When nature perfects your outdoor dining space.

On Level... Deck floor to internal floor

Deck floor level with internal floor
Deck flooring can be a seamless extension of the interior floor.

Covered Outdoor Seating: a must for Okanagan Custom Homes

Okanagan lakefront custom homes
Covered exterior seating areas a must for Okanagan lakefront custom homes.

Sheltered Outdoor Eating Areas

Home with pool, Kelowna BC
Plan for a sheltered eating area too!

Wood Soffits

Wood Soffits
Add an elevated quality in finishes and design elements.

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