Backlighting with Light Tape®

While looking for the perfect way to bring our client’s vision to reality, Light Tape®  was sourced as the product of choice. Backlighting with Light Tape® brought the hidden details of the bar and backsplash to life. The light captures and highlights the colours and layers that form the stone. When illuminated, the combination of the Light Tape® and translucent stone help create a luxurious focal point for the room.

You inspire us
Our clients and designers are often our sources of inspiration and innovation.  They look to incorporate elevated finishings, distinctive design elements and leading-edge technology. Usually, the conversation starts like this “ So, I’m thinking of an idea. I’ve looked around online, and I can’t seem to find it. I’m wondering if you know how we could or even can make it happen?”  

LED backlighting raises the bar

LED backlighting is what it sounds like – lighting that illuminates objects from behind. When you light from behind– a mirror, artwork or projector screen—the object looks like it’s glowing. LED backlighting creates big drama and an avant-garde feel. It creates modern mood lighting. LED backlighting can be incorporated without having to spend a ton of money. However, often with our builds, the bar needs to raised… or in this case – lit.

Light Tape® was developed by Electro-LuminX ™ Lighting Corporation to be the ideal accent and backlighting solution. On their website, they provide a perfect product description. “Light Tape® EL Lamps are a completely dimmable uniform flat light with no hot or cold spots. Seamlessly cover any surface without the need for diffusion.  Thinner than a credit card, custom made to any shape and cut to allow for surface penetrations. The entire surface is a light source, not an edge-lit LED light source scattered through a plastic sheet. Generates no heat and remains cool to touch.” For more details about this product, please use this link to visit their website.

Project Partners:

Putting the TA in ta-da!

Putting the TA in ta-da!

Illuminated Backsplash Bar

Illuminated Backsplash Bar
LightTape is ideal for illuminating translucent stone.

Backlighting Caesarstone Concetto

Caesarstone Concetto
With the addition of a light source, the Caesarstone becomes a focal point.

Backlighting with Light Tape

Backlighting with Light Tape
Light Tape and translucent stone create a luxurious focal point for the room.

Illuminated Quartzite

Illuminated Quartzite
The light captures the colours of the stone.

Bringing Stone to Life

Light Tape
Custom light panels illuminate quartzite bar and backsplash.

Backlit Quartzite Bar

Backlit quartzite bar
When the bar needs to raised… or in this case - lit.

Illuminated Countertops

Illuminated Countertops
Backlighting captures and highlights the layers that form the stone.

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