Custom Lakefront Home

Choosing a builder for your custom lakefront home

Custom Lakefront Home

Choosing A Custom Lakefront Home Builder

Choosing the right builder for your dream home is critical. Let’s look at six key ideas to help you choose your custom builder:

1.)    Past performance tends to predict future results! Does your builder have a track record of satisfied clients and successful builds of the kind of home you are considering? We specialize in complex, unique, custom homes in magnificent settings.


2.)    Check the history of your builder. An established, professional builder will have a long track record in their community, and will be happy to share it with you. Bercum Builders has been building homes in the Okanagan for more than 30 years. This is our home, and we love it here!


3.)    Do they have consistent sub-trades? – The plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers, and more – these professionals are key to the success of your project. Check with those tradespeople – are they happy to work with the builder? We have long term relationships with the best in the Okanagan.


4.)    Does your builder have a reputation for transparency and honesty? – building a custom home is a significant investment of time and money – We take pride in our history of dealing 100% honestly with clients, our name is too important to us!


5.)    Tour the homes of previous clients, and ask questions. Are they happy with the process and the results? Has there been follow up after their home was completed? At Bercum we are proud to show off the homes we have built, and the owners are too.


6.)    Communication and relationship are critical – your builder will be a big part of your life! Do you feel like you can work with that person, and that they will be available to communicate with you whenever needed? Darren Witt and Bercum Builders specialize in working with clients from outside the Okanagan, and we take great care to deal with our clients quickly, professionally, and discreetly.

And one more – has your builder been recognized and awarded by their peers? We have!

Bercum Builders will meet and exceed your expectations. We would be happy to contact you to talk more about how we can work together on your dream Okanagan home!

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